Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find your entire menu?

Lucky you . . . click right HERE!

How can I apply to work at Sugarwalk?

Click HERE to download the application. Fill it out and bring it to the store or email it to

Is Sugarwalk a franchise?

We love this question! We are not a franchise, nor are we affiliated with any other popcorn shops. Sugarwalk is locally owned and operated by husband and wife team, Emily & Stephen Walker. Shop small, folks!

How long have you been open?

The doors to Sugarwalk officially opened on March 11, 2016. Our official grand opening with Shreveport’s Chamber of Commerce was held on April 24, 2016.

Will you franchise Sugarwalk?

While we have big goals and vision for Sugarwalk, our primary focus is making sure our first location is successful and runs like a well-oiled machine. Then, expansion will be considered.

Do you make everything onsite?

Yes, we absolutely do! In order to provide the freshest product to our customers, all popcorn is made in house by or underneath the direct supervision of Emily & Stephen Walker.

What popcorn seed do you use and how are the kernels so much larger?

We use a Jumbo Mushroom seed. Once popped, it’s much larger than your typical butterfly popcorn, plus it’s a lot less fragile.

What makes a popcorn kernel pop?

Each and every popcorn seed has a tiny amount of moisture and oil inside. As the temperature rises during the cooking process, the moisture inside turns to pressurized steam and eventually causes the kernel hull to pop.

Is your popcorn gluten free?

The majority of our popcorn is gluten free although a few flavors in our chocolate category are not gluten free. Click here to view our gluten free menu.

Which popcorn flavors are nut free?

The majority of our popcorn is nut free, however we do offer a few flavors either with peanuts, nuts, tree nuts and/or peanut butter. We also pop our buttered popcorn with coconut oil. Additionally, all of our products are produced on equipment that has been shared with peanuts and other tree nuts, however we take very serious precautions not only in our cooking methods but also in our filling processes.

Are custom color and flavor combinations available?

Yes, custom color and flavor combinations are available; however, the following criteria must be met: minimum purchase of an extra large bag, 3-days notice (or two weeks during peak holiday seasons), and pre-payment is required on all custom orders.

When will my order arrive after placing an order online?

All orders placed online before 3pm CST will be filled and shipped the next business day. However, large orders may require additional time to process. We use UPS as our shipping carrier; please click here to review their shipping timelines.

Does Sugarwalk offer any fundraising opportunities?

We do; you’ll find all the information underneath our Programs tab. If you have additional questions, please contact the store at 318-220-4502.

Will you donate to our event or fundraiser?

Sugarwalk is all about supporting local community events and organizations, however we can only help so many during the year. To submit a request, please download our DONATION REQUEST FORM and return it in-store or email the form to Please note: if you are a non-profit organization, your proof of 501c status is required before a donation will be made.